July 12, 2009

Notes on Neda

It was an incidental second,
a (post) tacit embrace.
Between eyes and hidden from view,
it predictably delivered the bear's chest:
a supreme teddie on a blue body.
What a crude calling.

The martyr is uploaded in a private release.
Symbol-studded streams suddenly appear,
chanting from inside the black bear.
Inject context. Somebody come and wail.
Twitter misfires and refers to the unclear.

Walking man comes back into view,
trafficking in means, typically embraced,
of phantom sources of foregrounded fables.
Behind the mourning, on the outskirts of explanation,
a first man interprets, while another curses.

The leader calls, the men kneel.
It's heartbreaking, he said, the second of three, 
on a merciless afternoon of planned poetry,
exporting a patented position intended to expel
the raw, the physical and searing beat of the particular.

April 22, 2009

The fabulous articulate

To average out
the incredible something,
to make sure to think 
the consistent same 
to not know 
the perverse why, 
even with eyes closed, 
and to not choose from 
the honest before, 
is, for me, well....

Is it fair to say that
to fabulously articulate,
with heavily modified sayings,
facts not yet finished 
presents, with normalized certainty,
the unconsidered priority?

April 19, 2009

Five Quarters

I think the need
to be where
it feels
like a test
enables a bit
of the other hand.

But when you know the hand,
when the focus is really on
performing the steps
to assure the support of
an existing position,
then it leads me, sort of,
to force the ratio 
stress and capital.

Nobody is looking
to de-leverage the test.
The thoughtful idea is that
you need to look,
to be in a position
to lend five quarters,

But stripped of appropriate focus,
the economy of stress
tests the levels well.
Capital enables capital
and you are the capital
and they have got you
where you are,
supporting the stronger side.

April 4, 2009

Massive Particular

I think the place of
the massive particular
is at the summit of
effective crisis,
and I would say it's an
inadequate convergence
a point and a set.

I actually think that
looking backwards
to identify blame
demands risks.

But, if you look,
I mean, regulate the look,
in a way that ensures form,
then what emerges is a world
of integrated derivatives,
which, I think, is a world
of enormous consensus
and true product believers,
who can anticipate
the sure thing
and capitalize their lot
from within a system
of regulated contraction.

April 2, 2009

Icon Campaign

Show your gratitude.
She does not step forward.
Still black woman
comes at a price.

A thousand faint champions
launch icon campaign,
smothering some day,
however close,
with dimwitted mythology.

Tell the world,
tell your defenders,
milk the blogs,
support the dissertations.
The passionate something must be ignored.

Cranky anonymous
boycotts denials and
wraps her attacks
in her own defence.
In a cocoon of reason,
she skips over
the protective border
and is met by the pedigree,
who do for her
what she has pointedly tried
to do for herself,
in a place
that does not exist.

March 16, 2009


If I start to descend
a kiss on the hand
may in the end
help a girl's dice bend.

But a lass needs a Winston,
and a pear-shaped back,
when they lose their love of fighting.

There may come a time
when little pets and big baguettes
are better bets
to keep you laconic.

But beware those affairs
that are strictly platonic,
a square-cut man
is not a girl's best friend.

Time rolls on and
duels lose their charm
and they won't pay
the rental on your flat.

There may come a time
when you're awful nice
and glad to talk to Harry.

It is then the louses
think you're grand,
and you stand straight
at Tiffanys.

But when mean affairs
are a girl's best friend,
a lass needs a lawyer
and a hard-boiled employer.

March 15, 2009


zest for a second
among twelve idol flashes
command performance
talent is granted.

surface glamour sets
the famous something
two hundred tantrums
golden say has ended.

dollars found star life
under used marriage bed
of played circumstances
of dimming appeal.

twenty-three performances
screen dreams on the side
foster received favorites
history is dead.

March 10, 2009

Pleasure Podium

We are a united world of people not looking.
We live free from dreams that know limits.
We speak in official dialogues.
Take your questions to the others, please.
We summon essential energies, role-playing the ideal.
Our commitment is to the shadows,
to undermining the vital other.
We worship reflected values, because
belief has never been our security, 
but an enshrined aside, an accepted tyranny.
We will be judged over time by the leaders we rely on.
And when you soil our cause, we will report you
from our pleasure podium.

December 29, 2008

Thank you for this honor

December 1, 2008

The last few weeks have been very difficult for me.
I thought often of the future and of the circumstances
that are determined to face me, at all costs,
here in America. I thought of my renewed standing in
the world, as a force for positive change and as a
dedicated servant to the global public. And I thought
of my fate, forged in the reeling crucible of the daunting
state of mind of America. I believe I cannot have what
I have promoted for this new century in this new
America of we.

I will continue to serve the elected leaders of our
great country, but I seek a new role serving higher ground
using language founded on half the ideal. I will be leaving
the Senate, the place of the afraid, and those who muster
threats speaking their relentless crisis cause to the protected
interests with more American partners and fewer American
adversaries, and with more dangers and fewer freedoms and
liberties for all Americans. I see home elsewhere.

So prepare for me with honor, my foreign fellows. Cherish
all of my want. God Bless You.

November 19, 2008

Not Coming

She could do aggressive well, but
she did the Prince absolutely.
She just went around you.

She has his piece so
she could handle you, and
of course, she could be another woman.

She didn't oppose acting and
she didn't hug Machiavelli.
She just went at it, laying thought, talking.

She is not prologue,
she is permanent reason, and
trust me, she is not coming.

October 13, 2008

We've Seen This Moment

We’ve seen this moment, these times,
the easy-difficult story about challenges, 
having things and about oppression.
This is America when each has risen. 
The we-believe moment is when the 
nerves know things. 

It’s never been about share from the top, 
but about the United States of Democrats 
and Republicans, the nation of the fearful 
and rejecting, a country of great courage 
crisis and purposeful panic. 

I know about war and division is coming. 
But I faced down unity threats with steel 
resolve because I believe I can steer this 
mountain to these folks out in this valley 
that are rising and worried, seeing 
challenges to our deepest we-have moment.

September 11, 2008


I am absolutely certain that this was the moment
when our nation secured the best jobs on the planet 
so that the highest will be able to rise to tell our last 
moment. This was the moment when our nation
and this earth came together to provide care for 
our very best children and restored the sick and 
jobless to the oceans. This was the moment when 
we began to remake the ideals from generations 
back, and this image that began great was slow to 
heal, and as we look now it may always reflect our 
good. This was the time when we ended hope and 
we began a war of ourselves.

August 17, 2008

One of us

Isn't it time we move beyond 20th century goodwill
based on human rights? I want to live in a world 
where everyone is like one of us. Obama knows we 
definitely need the resources of a renewable 21st 
century second-class community. With Obama
there's an opportunity to move a citizen facing 
some real need problems to a foreign-like world. 
When Obama is president one will feel an economy 
and policy solutions based on one of us. I really feel 
he, like us, is treated like no equal. We live in an 
Obama world and we acted towards it, one of us.

August 15, 2008

Finger Our Daughters

Crashing quarter
insert wildly demeaning media
finger our daughters
the new habit

A platform of egos
writes language postmortems
screeching campaign
horrendous portrayals

Raft of Obama
crosses our daughters
bankrupts dreams
of another Joshua

Operation loss
exacted green
a billion dollar campaign
price the magazine

August 13, 2008

About 15 Seconds

I looked for her in one Clinton,
and time and again I shook her.
I said put down the security railing.
I said Senator, please talk to me,
forget my name and petition the needs.
When signatures walked into her,
she, the Senator, looked to me.

300 eye the crowd and the thanked,
and the convention, a vote for a handshake.
I asked are we finished in Denver?
Done in by a crowd speech and a brush on the right hand?
She along with them, never thanked,
but asked to support “It’s just right!”

It was as if she took the steps,
taking her to where it all started,
to when people speak erupted.
Are the people standing?
When she was she had gotten a brief conversation.
About 15 seconds.

It definitely got to her.
Has she a nomination for the taking?
Will not she, with we, vote again?

Smile at me Senator Clinton.

August 9, 2008

Second Person Plural

I fashion conviction and make nice to the people,
giving the president tools that service a government. 
Having old caring meet for your helping wouldn't be 
a competent public. Most of this is about have, 
a change that challenges you and your lives. 
Solve your problems!

August 7, 2008


And these attacks on the people
by the good country page
do help turn our politics 
in it's place so that, 
driven to division together, 
incendiary communities can and will up 
nothing to our politics of the personal. 
And we have no time Tennessee 
to come and lift in our negativity.

August 4, 2008


Playing the field of values that is his
he is about to judge trained bullies
viewed as unlike him.

And is that not about his feelings?

Maybe he doesn’t like the weak.
To the strong he confessed deeper, and
the law always has a way between
professional politician’s easy talk and how Roberts talked.

Say it for this evening.
I did not out Judge Roberts.

July 22, 2008

Jazz Hands

my hope is
or, alternatively
what I’m going to do is set a vision

I’m going to continue to listen
all of which is going to contribute to
the overarching strategy

keep in mind
the challenges we face
ultimately, I think
it’s work that must be done

I believe my approach is the right one
I have a track record that will assure
that we mean business
in a whole host of issues

what I can say is that
what I was referring to and 
have consistently referred to
as I said before
I've said that not just today, 
not just yesterday

let me finish

first of all
a lot of folks
we have to recognize

there is no doubt
I would not be doing my job if 
I didn’t pay attention to the facts

those are the factors and issues that 
I will take into account as president

that would be something that I would 
have to make the decision on, 
if I am President of the United States