March 16, 2009


If I start to descend
a kiss on the hand
may in the end
help a girl's dice bend.

But a lass needs a Winston,
and a pear-shaped back,
when they lose their love of fighting.

There may come a time
when little pets and big baguettes
are better bets
to keep you laconic.

But beware those affairs
that are strictly platonic,
a square-cut man
is not a girl's best friend.

Time rolls on and
duels lose their charm
and they won't pay
the rental on your flat.

There may come a time
when you're awful nice
and glad to talk to Harry.

It is then the louses
think you're grand,
and you stand straight
at Tiffanys.

But when mean affairs
are a girl's best friend,
a lass needs a lawyer
and a hard-boiled employer.