December 29, 2008

Thank you for this honor

December 1, 2008

The last few weeks have been very difficult for me.
I thought often of the future and of the circumstances
that are determined to face me, at all costs,
here in America. I thought of my renewed standing in
the world, as a force for positive change and as a
dedicated servant to the global public. And I thought
of my fate, forged in the reeling crucible of the daunting
state of mind of America. I believe I cannot have what
I have promoted for this new century in this new
America of we.

I will continue to serve the elected leaders of our
great country, but I seek a new role serving higher ground
using language founded on half the ideal. I will be leaving
the Senate, the place of the afraid, and those who muster
threats speaking their relentless crisis cause to the protected
interests with more American partners and fewer American
adversaries, and with more dangers and fewer freedoms and
liberties for all Americans. I see home elsewhere.

So prepare for me with honor, my foreign fellows. Cherish
all of my want. God Bless You.