August 13, 2008

About 15 Seconds

I looked for her in one Clinton,
and time and again I shook her.
I said put down the security railing.
I said Senator, please talk to me,
forget my name and petition the needs.
When signatures walked into her,
she, the Senator, looked to me.

300 eye the crowd and the thanked,
and the convention, a vote for a handshake.
I asked are we finished in Denver?
Done in by a crowd speech and a brush on the right hand?
She along with them, never thanked,
but asked to support “It’s just right!”

It was as if she took the steps,
taking her to where it all started,
to when people speak erupted.
Are the people standing?
When she was she had gotten a brief conversation.
About 15 seconds.

It definitely got to her.
Has she a nomination for the taking?
Will not she, with we, vote again?

Smile at me Senator Clinton.