July 22, 2008

Jazz Hands

my hope is
or, alternatively
what I’m going to do is set a vision

I’m going to continue to listen
all of which is going to contribute to
the overarching strategy

keep in mind
the challenges we face
ultimately, I think
it’s work that must be done

I believe my approach is the right one
I have a track record that will assure
that we mean business
in a whole host of issues

what I can say is that
what I was referring to and 
have consistently referred to
as I said before
I've said that not just today, 
not just yesterday

let me finish

first of all
a lot of folks
we have to recognize

there is no doubt
I would not be doing my job if 
I didn’t pay attention to the facts

those are the factors and issues that 
I will take into account as president

that would be something that I would 
have to make the decision on, 
if I am President of the United States