October 26, 2008

Man the Polls

We’re going to test this guy easy, looking brilliant to believe it.
We’re going to elect with said, a lot of Yo! sound.
We’re going to need your loins, at least four.
We’re going to influence scenarios, asking tough decisions.

Remember, we’re about your God now.
Withstand or else.

Why you know, they’re going to stick us in the stables.
Whoa. Wait a minute.
They’re going to be sitting there, two years from now,
polling faith, because they’re going to need crisis capital
and markets of willing colleagues they like.

Oh my.

Remember from where you reinforce your problem.
It might originate there, literally forgotten.

He’s going to generate a crisis with words not apparent.
He’s going to point at you and falsely promise to not remember
old America, because he’s going to mark you humble and not
significant to gird your added value.

I think I can, if you can, be left standing.
No. We're all going to ride this down.
Man the polls!